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After The Bugles (tm) is a production company specializing in raising funds for Disabled American Veterans. We are "Under Construction" for our new website. Please enjoy our temporary site in the interim. As always, your comments are appreciated. There is a webform on the last page for your convenience.

Everyone Supports Our Troops...

But, what does this mean besides giving
"lip service?"

It is easy to believe from media statements and footage that returning wounded veterans are "all set."  There are the displays of the latest medical advances as well as vets participating in a sport despite their disability, which in deed may be the case for some vets.  Still, their participation is not the same as "normal."  Moreover, it certainly is not the reality for all disabled veterans.

While some may argue issues about soldiering in an all volunteer defense force, there is no issue that loss needs to be fairly compensated.  After all,  civilain worker has workers' compensation... and this work is always a volunteer job. 

However, some war wounds literally defy compensation.

After the Bugles is a non-profit media production company whose mission is to make Americans aware of the true cost of  "sacrifice for country,"  that country being the very one which you are enjoying as you visit this site.

When an individual takes the military oath, s/he gives up Constitutional Rights... therefore, inalenable rights provided by the Constitution.  Warriors don't pick their fights, they are delivered to them under orders.  You, personally, may disagree with the orders and the leader who give them... but they cannot!  Into harms way they must go.

When one volunteers for a tour of duty, one hopes that after that tour, life goes back to normal.  Unfortunately, for many it does not.  In fact, their tour remains a lifetime with a disability.

Spin it anyway one wants, that's a unbalanced sacrifice.

Now, most people think -- or at least would like to think --  that all vets get benefits to cover their past and ongoing sacrifice.  This is NOT the case.  We recognize that this is uncomfortable to know; but, it is the truth.

Now, let's get very uncomfortable.  Ask yourself...

What do think would be fair compensation for you and your family if you entered the service for a four year tour of duty and as a result of that tour you ended up blind and without an arm and both legs? 

What do you think would be the impact on your family and family life?

There are other questions... but these two will do.

If you one is religious, one might pray that one's Almighty grants these people and families a special strength.  These are worthy prayers, but they are not always answered.

So, if you really support the troops, you must at least hear about what disabled vets need for support long past the ruffles and flourishes announcing their return home.

Listen to the call of After the Bugles.

After The Bugles
After the Bugles, Inc. (tm) is a media and event production company that is working with the Disabled America Veterans of Massachusetts (DAV/MA), which has authorized us to produce an introductory trailer, a documentary, and a telethon to raise money for the benefit of the DAV/MA and its members.

With the endorsement of DAV/MA, After The Bugles (ATB) is contacting individuals and businesses interested in sponsoring the filmed productions or telethon broadcast, which is tentatively scheduled for 2008.  The filmed productions will be used to inform people of the needs of disabled vets, to fundraising itself, and to serve as footage to be shown during the telethon.
ATB and DAV/MA are independent of each other. Though the enumerated efforts and this telethon will not be considered a joint venture in a legal sense, the parties agree to work toward the common purpose of raising awareness plus raising funds. 

After The Bugles will be responsible for 100% of all production costs associated with the telethon and will have 100% control over the production.   A percentage of all monies raised through donations and sponsorships related, directly or indirectly, to the telethon, regardless of which party's efforts generated the donation and/or sponsorship will be paid to ATB for the underwriting the risk assumed in the production and fundraising.  All production creativity, concepts and designs, including the telethon concept as conceived will remain the property of ATB.


Massachusetts Flag
On a white field is a blue shield emblazoned with the image of a Native American, Massachusetts. He holds a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. The arrow is pointing downward representing peace. The white star represents Massachusetts as one of the original thirteen states. Around the shield is a blue ribbon with the motto:
" By the Sword We Seek Peace,
but Peace Only Under Liberty."
Above the shield is an arm & sword, representing the first part of the motto.

Massachusetts Chapters


DAV Chapter 9 - Massachusetts
Website for DAV Chapter 9, Fall River, MA

DAV Chapter 57 - Massachusetts
Website for DAV Chapter 57, Taunton, MA

DAV Chapter 81 - Massachusetts
Website for DAV Chapter 81, Falmouth, MA

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