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PhotoCredit: www.mypetchicken.com

About The Breed

From Ameraucanas Club: http://www.ameraucana.org/history.html

"It is very difficult to describe the history of the “AMERAUCANA” breed to everyone’s satisfaction. Some would say that it is “America’s NEWEST breed”, emphasizing its most recent developments; but that description overlooks and would deny the long history of the bearded muffed tailed blue egg layers that existed long before adoption of the ABA and APA Standards for “AMERAUCANAS”, when such birds were being raised and shown as one type of “ARAUCANA”, going back to imports from southern Chile in the 1930’s.  But in spite of its long history, it is correct and accurate to say that the “AMERAUCANA” is “America’s most newly recognized APA/ABA Standard Breed.”

* * * * *

Ameraucanas are friendly and  beautiful birds.  In the warmer months, our Ameraucanas lay the tastiest eggs with the darkest yolks: while the color of the shell has nothing to do with it, the girls are great foragers, and it makes a difference in the taste and appearance of the eggs, for sure.

Ameraucanas can be flyers but are not flighty... Their small pea combs and sleek body shape give them the aspect of a bird of prey rather than a chicken. In fact, people who don't know much about chickens will be gob-smacked by your flock of blue-egg laying Ameraucanas. They look very little like what people imagine chickens to be, and  your black Ameraucanas especially can almost be mistaken for especially elegant, glistening crows. The blues, with their smoky lacing, are like the misty shadow of a falcon when their wings are spread. These are must-have birds for any rare breed flock

The above are  true Ameraucana eggs, not Easter Eggers*. Colored eggs are always a more brilliant color early every laying season, and slowly fade as the season progresses.

*  Easter Eggers are not a breed per se, but a variety of chicken that does not conform to any breed standard but lays large to extra large eggs that vary in shade from blue to green to olive to aqua and sometimes even pinkish. Easter Eggers vary widely in color and conformation, and are exceptionally friendly and hardy, therefore a great choice for a family flock.

 Above adapted from www.mypetchicken.com 



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