Borough of Fenwick - Old Saybrook CT

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Fenwick Facts
Lay of Websters' Land
Fenwick Gold Club
Lynde Point Lighthouse Restoration
Old Saybrook CT
Frequent Phone Numbers
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Bill  Studying Sotts' Fenwick Website Proposal

"What's Sotts Doing To Me?"

Website Creation
Consult, Design Layout/Colors/Style
Initial Site Up To 10 webpages
     New Photos of views and residences if desired.
     Return visits for the seasonal photos if desired.
     Assembly of information and content for site.
     Securing of URL and Lycos hosting for 1 year.
     If desired...
          Listing with search engines.
          Assembling residence email addresses
             for broadcasts.
$3,600 -- One Time Fee
Monthly Website Maintenance 
     Updates / Expansion of site up to 3 pages / month.
     Enhancement and refinement to site design.
     Telephone consult and support as needed.
$300 / month -- $3,600 Annually

Special Month End Package Pricing
Initial Design & Monthly Fees Prepaid for 12 months
SPECIAL OFFER:  Must Receive FULL Payment by July 27 2007

$6,000 -- Initial Design
             1 Year's Maintenance
              SAVE $1,200 

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