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Antique Glass Art Mirrors
A reverse glass painting is created by painting a subject onto one side of a glass pane which is to be viewed from the other side, or back-lit through the glass.  It is an old art-form which instills a sense of antiquity. It is also an art-form which requires the skill to naturally think and paint in reverse, traits necessary to artistically render the image.
Painting on the reverse side of glass was considered a fashionable form of art in England, France and other Europeans countries in the 18th century.  Today, these artistic endeavors are found in homes, churches, and museums displaying this early form of art. 
Each picture is completely hand-painted with oil paint into images.  No two paintings are exactly alike.  A prize for the collector and a must for the distinctive buyer.
All paintings are expertly framed with a quality wood moulding, covered by gold or silver leaf finish.  Other frames are available on a custom order basis.  Of course the mirrors are silver-backed plate glass that is free of distortion.
This website contains a price list as well as a images of the various subjects and scenes so that you may select your treasure for tomorrow. 
We hope that you enjoy your visit... and feel free to contact us with questions or needs for special quotes.


Dartmouth College
Baker Library Tower

Bright college days reflect as you daze into one of our handsomely-styled college mirrors: Great Friends... Fun Times... Serious Courtships... And of course, Power-booking!  
For the finishing touch, we can personalize a note on parchment paper  with the name and date of graduation and your message. 
It's a great gift for yourself, a college friend, or a graduate... something all will treasure forever!  And, it's a fabulous fund-raiser with quantity pricing. 
Individual hand painted and framed in a antique-effect gold/silver-leaf wooden frame, these mirrors are unique making them great collectors items as well.
Whether placed in classic or contemporary decors, these mirror reflect your "Good Taste." 

John David Sottile
Antique Glass Art Mirrors