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Everyone Should Have a Web Identity
Without One, You Have No "Net" Worth
We live in a strange and paradoxical time:
Everyone is worried about their identity being stolen online.
Yet, most people don't even have an online identity! 
Go ahead... "google" yourself.  Enter your name, or your company's name in the browser address bar... then hit "enter." 
What information returns?  Any?  Do you exist? 
If search engines return don't exist!   You have no "Net" Worth. You are  a "net" nobody... at least online. 
And, believe it or not, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Hardly.
Figure this:  Nearly a decade ago, the explosive growth of the Internet and World Wide Web began.  Still today, there are over 20,000,000 small businesses in the United States without a Web presence!  And, we're the world's Internet leader 
Further that 's just small businesses.  The number of employees within big companies... or professional firms... fare far worse. Yes, their companies/firms may have a presence... perhaps with a tidy page for each senior executive/principal/partner, but below this level, INDIVIDUALS... with their accomplishments, papers, and opinions... are absent -- off line and out of sight.  The "Invisible Wo/Man" of the '60s reappears.
How can this be?  Regardless of the meeting or cocktail party I attend, or bar I visit, EVERYONE has accomplished feats... plus EVERYONE has opinions... strong opinions from politics and sports... to even which recipes are "best" for whatever.
Should you be concerned about not having an online identity?  Yes... especially if one is  in business... or in the job market... or just involved in life.  The truth is that kids today are "blueberrying" (searching for information via a hand held device) people as they are being introduced to them.  And, adults are descreetly going back to their offices or homes to "google" the existence... and probably "net" worth of the person they recent met at lunch, on the golf course or at the bar.
Today, there is nothing more valuable than a www IDentity.
So... just what is it that holds people back from establishing their "net" worth? The answers are numerous but the themes are basic.
1.  The people who are not on the net... that don't use email... don't and can't comprehend its reach, flexibility, and power.  For example:  Consider how debilitating it is to represent your  resume when forced to use some other entity's form.  Consider how much more impactful it would be to link to your important research than just mention it in a sentence.   
2.  People who don't have websites don't understand the difference between them and other promotional materials.  Websites are continuous works in progress.  A three panel brochures is a fixed document of which too many are printed that too soon fall out of date.  Not so with websites.  There is no fixed anything.  Prices, locations, telephone numbers employee names can be changed in a flash.
3.  People have heard about websites costing thousands... tens of thousands... even millions.  They ask, "How can I afford a website?" while simultaneously hearing that Yahoo, AOL and an army of other providers give them away...FREE!  They think "There must be a catch... there must be something that I'm missing."
The answer is that there is something missing.
But, it is not necessarily you missing the boat! 
What you are missing is a straight-forward approach for securing a website to establish your identity.  And because of absence, you're also missing the experience that one's best approach is to sample the Web with a basic site and have one's Web knowledge and confidence grow through exposure and use of this remarkable communications tool. 
You're also missing a coach... or group of coaches... who will not shoe-horn you into a website, but will show you how to use it.  What you are missing is a herd of marketing mavens who love to embellish YOU with their disciplined approaches and creativity.
You are missing
We're The Herd That Gets You Heard
and an
Imperceptible Goose That Gives The Boost