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DAV Members... We are "Under Construction" for our new website. Massachusetts Headquarters has allocated a budget to make this happen. Please enjoy our temporary site in the interim. As always, your comments are appreciated. There is a webform on the last page for your convenience.

Welcome !

Currently your Massachusetts DAV is re-establishing its website.  It is our goal to have this site become your focal point of information, news, schedules, links, and much more.  Of course, your input is welcomed and appreciated.  We have a convenient input form on our CONTACT US Page for your use. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Stack,  Adjutant

Massachusetts Flag
On a white field is a blue shield emblazoned with the image of a Native American, Massachusetts. He holds a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other. The arrow is pointing downward representing peace. The white star represents Massachusetts as one of the original thirteen states. Around the shield is a blue ribbon with the motto:
" By the Sword We Seek Peace,
but Peace Only Under Liberty."
Above the shield is an arm & sword, representing the first part of the motto.


DAV Chapter 9 - Massachusetts
Website for DAV Chapter 9, Fall River, MA

DAV Chapter 57 - Massachusetts
Website for DAV Chapter 57, Taunton, MA

DAV Chapter 81 - Massachusetts
Website for DAV Chapter 81, Falmouth, MA


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