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Farm / Stable Guidelines
Boarders, Owners of Managed Beef Cattle or Other Animals
may work or visit according to the Farm Guidelines below.
Hours of Operation: 
6:00 a.m. - 8 p.m. / up to 9 p.m. in summer
Visitors of borders sign-in on each visit -- date & time.
Boarders & Beef Owners must provide list of potential visitors
so that The Farm is aware of their presence.
Food and comfort facilites are limited. Come prepared.
Bring your own food, drinking water, and other needs.
The water is stream fed and unfiltered.  While suitable
for animals, it is not recommended for human use.
Owners/Visitors are responsible for their safety
and their children's safety and behavior.   
Children under 5 y.o. must be held or tethered.
We enjoy children's excitement... but not
their innocent but dangerous behavior.
The Farm has the right to deny visitation or curtail a visit,
 if the above is not followed, with or without a warning.
This is a working farm with animals which can be dangerous.
They are animals!
Calves can be led and/or groomed; mature animal handling
will depend on animal's temperment and Owner's ability.
Consultation with The Farm about managed beef and animals
must be scheduled in advance to assure a productive meeting.
Report problems or concerns directly to The Farm.
Do not engage with other Beef Owners or Boarders about them. 
Elmartin will resolve the matter after hearing all parties to it.
If an email report is necessary send to elmartinfarm@verizon.net
Do not feed animals other than one's own.
Do not pet animals unless they are familar to you,
or you are guided by The Farm or boarder/owner.
Farm animals are unlike petting zoo animals.
Some animals do not like being touched.
No smoking in or around barn areas.  
No dogs, or other pets. 
Check lights, gates, and barn doors before leaving
If you are the last one out, double-check!



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