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The Story Never Ends

Introduction -- "A Legacy of Exceeding Targets"
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The Story Never Ends
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Perhaps you are like Dick Harris -- who now after seeing the publication -- wishes that he had written more.  Well, to quote another sports cliche.  "Wait til next year!" 
The goal of the book was to get Class participation... it is still a goal.  And while 110% of my initial goal is proudful, it is not as good as 50% participation -- or more -- of the Class. 
Okay, the goal of this book, aside from the cathartic content, itself, was to raise money for our Intern Project at the Rockefeller Center. 
  • For this reason you all are encouraged to buy this book. 
  • For this reason you will not find individual essays on this site... NOT JUST YET. 
We are going to harvest sales of the book before moving to this step.
Nonetheless, the Class wants your story...  In time, which is being left open for now, it will be published either in our Newsletter, an expanded version of the book itself... or online in this site.
Just as it is never too late to learn from sports... it is never too late to write about sports.
Your participation is encouraged.
To accommodate  accepting your essay, please send it in a TEXT file... not MS-WORD or any other document language.  Unsure about TEXT vs MS-WORD etc?.. Then, here is the very best way:  Compose your story directly into your email page ( emails allow for the saving of drafts) and then, when completed, send it to me at
The receipt of your essay will be noted in this site with a brief description of its theme.  As mentioned, it will be published -- at a minimum in our Newsletter -- at some future date... once sales of the book have been maximized.