Pine Lake Condominiums - Ashland, MA


The Facts
Planning Board's Fails
Lay of the Land
Wetlands vs Condo Property
Wetlands vs Set-back... The Smoking Barbecue
Wetlands vs Grade

Special Note To Dial-up Visitors
Town of Ashland pdf files are involved,
especially the Wetlands Map.
Expect Long Load Time.
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This may open to be a very tiny map. On the tool bar you will see a magnifying glass. To the right is an arrow. Click and choose to magnify.  You will not recognize your place at first, but will see the characteristic circle of streets. Once you click to the point you want... you should print.  The green layers are the lowest.
Use the  State Park lake as a landmark for your area.  It is the larger body of water to the right bottom.
The link below is to the Ashland Wetlands map as of 2004.  They DO NOT show the areas behind the house as wetlands.  My pictures will prove otherwise.  Plus someone has tagged the area.  NONETHELESS some one  should get to the Town Hall to check a current physical map.
This is fun.  Click open.  To the upper right you may choose Map or Satellite.  The satellite images are usually over one year old.  Nonetheless you can
find Pine Like by looking about dead center in the Satellite map.  Then the trick is to toggle between enlargement and keeping the image centered...Within a few clicks, one will see the distinctive layout of Pine Lake Condos.  Keep centered to complete the enlargement to max.


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