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Go Figure
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Figure this:  The explosive growth of the Internet and World Wide Web began nearly a decade ago. Still today, there are over 20,000,000 small businesses in the United States without a Web presence! It's a remarkably high number when one considers that the Internet was invented in the U.S. and that this country remains the world's leader in cyber technology!
That's just small businesses.  The number of employees within large companies... or professional firms... fare far worse. Sure, their companies/firms may have a Web presence... perhaps even a tidy page for each senior executive/principal/partner; BUT, below this level, INDIVIDUALS... with their accomplishments, papers, and opinions ARE ABSENT -- offline and out of sight.  " The Invisible Man" (today, this includes women) of the '60s... "reappears."
And then there're individuals, artists, tradespersons, & others. 
How can this be?  Regardless of the meeting or event that we attend, or watering hole that we frequent, EVERYONE with whom we meet has accomplished feats... plus... EVERYONE has opinions... strong opinions from politics to sports... and even to recipes. 
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