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Google Yourself
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Google Yourself
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Go ahead... "Google," "Bing," "Yahoo," "Ask" for yourself.
Type your name, or your company's name in the browser or search bar... then hit "enter." 
What information returns?  Any?  Do you exist? 
If these major search engines return nothing...you don't exist!
You have no "Net" Worth.  Sorry to say... you are  a "Net" nobody. 
And, believe it or not, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Hardly.
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"Google" is the trade name of Google, Inc. of Mountain View CA.  Google is the premier search engine of the Internet with Yahoo being second and the remaining search engines following.  As a result of Google's popularity, "googling" has become a pop term for searching/researching.  Of course, for Google this is a double edge sword as it reinforces its popularity while risking its tradename falling into common use.  Google was founded by two students at Stanford University.  Last year Google, Inc. went public with the largest initial public offering ever issued.