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What Are You Missing
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So, just what is it that holds people back from establishing their "Net" worth? 
The answers are numerous... but the themes are basic:
1.  The people who are not on the Net and who do not use email... don't and can't comprehend its reach, flexibility, and power.  For example:  Consider how debilitating it is to represent your resume when forced to use some other entity's form.  Consider how much more impactful it would be to link to your important accomplishments rather than just mentioning them in a sentence.
2.  People who do not have Websites don't understand the difference between them and other promotional materials.  Websites are continuous works in progress. Three panel brochures are fixed documents of which too many are printed that too soon fall out of date. Not so with Websites. There is no fixed anything. Accomplishments, products, pictures, locations, telephone numbers, employee names can be changed in a flash.
3.  People are rightfully confused.  People have heard about Websites costing thousands... tens of thousands... even millions. They ask themselves, "How can I afford a Website?" while simultaneously hearing that Yahoo, AOL and a slew of other providers give them away...FREE!  Additionally, they hear that their 10 year old nephew or neice just built a site for his or her Scout Troop. They think "There must be a catch... there must be something that I'm missing."
The answer is that there is something missing.
But, it is not necessarily you missing the boat...
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