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Since 1790
"Longevity through Integrity"
The Martin Families
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Deliciously Local Grass Fed & Finished
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Hams & Pork Roasts from range-fed pigs, 6-12 lbs. Pork Sausage meat -- breakfast / sweet / hot -- for stuffings, meals, and midnight snacks. Beef Roasts, Steaks, Cuts from grass-fed / grass-finished cattle, many varieties and weights. >>>>> GIFTS: Locally grown natural meat makes for a special gift. GIVE THE GIFT OF AN ELMARTIN GIFT CERTIFICATE... ANY VALUE WITH NO EXPIRATION DATE. >>>>> Stop by during store hours. If our times are inconvenient, call to make an appointment. We are happy to accommodate you. >>>>> Make it a plan. Wrap up your meals and gifts in one stop. Credit Cards Accepted. >>>>> P.S. Buy a ham or roast and we'll gift you a pound of our Gras-Fed / Grass - Finshed Ground Beef, a $6.50 value. >>>>> The Martin Families

Elmartin Farm derives its name from the initials and last name of Everett Lawrence Martin, Sr, father to Everett Lawrence Martin Jr., known as "Gus," who with wife, Dodi are the current owners of the farm. Presently, sons, Kim and Shawn, operate and manage the farm. They are the 8th generation of ancestral Martins who began farming in Cheshire, MA in 1790.
By the late 1950s, Elmartin Farm had become a major dairy farm in the Northern Berkshire County. Its herd grew to 80 milkers and 80 head of youngstock. Together, the herd filled the new barn which had been completed in 1952. The barn, with the addition of a milking parlor, remains the focal point of Elmartin Farm.
However, today, Elmartin Farm's dairy days are behind it.  In its place, Elmartin Farm is raising all natural grass-fed, grass-finished ANGUS BEEF and range fed PORK for people who want to know from where their food is coming and how it is raised.   Learn more in our full site. 
In the Spring of 2012, Elmartin formally opened its farm store.
Elmartin's goal as a 21st Century farm is to once again take a leadership position in the raising of animals and the conserving our 400 acres of pastures, grazing lands, and apple orchards.
Again, welcome to Elmartin Farm. Enjoy your visit through our full website. 
The Martin Families


"Century Farm"
Massachusetts Farm Bureau and the Massachusetts State Grange jointly recognize Elmartin Farm as having continuously contributed to the production of food and fiber over the past 100 years.
594 Windsor Road   Cheshire,  Massachusetts
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